Uninspired by the limited high street offering for menswear, Nick Singh set out designing his own pieces.  With a natural sense of style and a talent for putting an outfit together, Nick’s objective was to create an enviable range of bespoke tailored shirts, jackets and suits. Having studied art & design and gaining a valuable insight in to the world of fashion, His artistic flair produced many creative designs seen today worn by his clients. Nick developed his own collections prior to the designs hitting the fashion catwalks. Nick began his journey researching fabrics, styles and finishes.  His bold designs have since caught the eye of others.  Impressed by the quality, fabrics and fit of his garments, he is rapidly attracting a large client base all looking for that something extra special and unique.


Owning a Nick Singh creation is an opportunity to be enveloped in pure luxury.  The underlying essence of Nick Singh’s repute remains the immaculate quality of his designs, fashion flair and creative workmanship. Nick’s journey has led him across the globe to directly source the finest fabrics and tailoring. In the summer of 2016 Nick undertook his training in Savile Row, London under the close supervision of one of the industry’s finest, Andrew Ramroop OBE, Maurice Sedwell. Today he works closely with his team of tailors, personally over seeing every last detail is checked and refined before the finished piece is delivered to you.


With variety his strength and quality his expertise, you can be assured you are in the best hands.  With exquisite hand made jackets, blazers, suits & tailored shirts. Nick Singh has the finest designs for any occasion.